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Iss video me maine ache se explain kiya hai ki kayi bar faint line dikhayi deti hai jab pregnancy test kiya jata hai. Toh aap iss video main janenge ki halki link line matlab Pregnancy Test Light Line ka maltab kya hota hai or yeh kyu dikhayi deti hai Pregnancy Kit Faint Line . Kya halki pink line ane ka matlab hai ki aap pregnant hoo ya nahi. Sath hi aap iss video main janege ki evaporated line, chemical pregnancy, miscarriage kyu hote hai or kya inse bhi pregnancy test positive aa sakta hai.

In This video we learn in detail about why sometimes faint line comes in urine pregnancy test kits.
What are the causes for getting pink coloured line in home urine tests.
Light line means pregnancy or not.
Common causes are early pregnancy test , misscarrige, chemical pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy, evaporation line, malfunctioning of test card, expired test card, diuretics drugs, infertility treatment etc. How can all these causes be differentiated from each other has been explained in this video.for more information please watch complete video.

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Content Cover :-
Pregnancy Test One Line Light One Dark
Pregnancy Kit 2 Lines One Pink
Urine Pregnancy Test
Home Pregnancy Test Light Line
Early Pregnancy
Chemical Pregnancy
Ectopic Pregnancy
Evaporation Line
प्रेगनेंसी टेस्ट में पहली लाइन डार्क और दूसरी लाइन हल्की
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faint line in pregnancy kit means in hindi
Pregnancy test me light pink ka kya matlab hai
2 lines on pregnancy test one faint
pregnancy kit 2 lines one pink
evaporation line on pregnancy test
kit me ek line halki or ek line dark ka kya matlab hai
Halki gulabi line ane ka kya matlab kya hai
pregnancy test me halki gulabi line ka matlab
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