Hello, beautifuls???? in today’s video I will show you my new skincare products from purplle. Good vibes is a very good affordable brand. Just pick your right product and see the magic…. Love to do haul video. Let me know in my comment section what reviews you want, Will defiantly do the review on it.

For your concern I have given all the products links in below

My ????
eye liner : blueheaven (green+grey)

Lipstick (me-on)

eyebrow pencil : Miss claier (black)

Compact : maybelline

Nail paint : TS brand (now & Then)

Music : nocopyright music ????

Love you soo much ❤ Sangita ❤

All product links :

Good Vibes Deep Cleansing Face Wash – Activated Charcoal (120 ml) https:// purplle.com/r/w-141344

Nivea Pure Talc (100 g)

Olivia Makeup Stick Egyptian Dark (15 g)

Olivia Makeup Stick Pearl White (15 g) https://purplle.com/r/w-186156

NY Bae Deep Intense Kohl Eye Pencil, Grey – Long Eye-Land https://purplle.com/r/w-151050

NY Bae Deep Intense Kohl Eye Pencil, Golden – Long Eye-Land https://purplle.com/r/w-151048

NY Bae Deep Intense Kohl Eye Pencil, White – Long Eye-Land https://purplle.com/r/w-151051

I-AmsterDAMN Liquid Lipstick, Matte, Purple, Tulipa Triumph – Abu Hasan Amore 32 (3 ml) https://purplle.com/r/w-173471

Good Vibes Gel – Orange (300 g) https://purplle.com/r/w-150740

Good Vibes Maximum Hydration Gel – Rosehip (300 g) https://purplle.com/r/w-182111

Vit Citrus Vitamin C & Vitamin B3 Skin Glow Serum with Orange Extract (10 ml) https://purplle.com/r/w-186592

Good Vibes Lip Scrub – Lemon (8 g) https://purplle.com/r/w-149243

Good Vibes Skin Clarifying Toner – Rosehip (200 ml) https:// purplle.com/r/w-182110

NY Bae Nail Lacquer, Matte, Yellow, Manhattan’s Macaron – Pistachio Macaron 2 (6 ml) https://purplle.com/r/w-172616

Good Vibes Powder – Rose Petals (30 g) https://purplle.com/r/w-150778

Bella Voste Eye & Lips Makeup Remover (50 ml) https://purplle.com/r/w-170376

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Thank you all????

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